“Bathala” By Joey Ayala and Ang Bagong Lumad ft. Bayang Barrios

They showed us this video in the Mindanao Summer Institute of Journalism seminar I attended. Bathala (Bat-HA-la) is The Supreme Creator in Filipino mythology. The song is a tribute to his works and gifts and describes how people abuse it. He gave people intellect (talino), a soul (diwa) and plenty (sagana) only to have these used against nature (kalikasan). All photos are of scenes in Mindanao where I have lived for my whole life.

I’ve been a fan of Joey Ayala’s music since I watched Encantada, a ballet choreographed by my dance teacher Agnes Locsin where Joey Ayala, Ang Bagong Lumad (his band) and Bayang Barrios performed live. I remember their voices being so clear, not at all different from the recording in the video above.

The video was produced for MindaNews by Toto Lozano with photos from Keith Bacongco, Gregorio Bueno, Roel Catoto, Froilan Gallardo, Toto Lozano, Rene Lumawag, Skippy Lumawag, Erwin Mascarinas, H. Marcos C. Mordeno, Ruby Thursday More and Bobby Timonera.


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