A Milestone

With a fisherman and his cormorants, Guilin, China, 2014

Me and my siblings with a fisherman and his cormorants, Guilin, China, 2014

Today, I published an article in the newspaper for the first time.

This is the first time my writing has ever appeared anywhere other than my personal blogs or social media accounts. It feels like a big step forward; towards what, I don’t know, but I feel so happy to have been given this opportunity. I want to say thank you to Tito Jon Joaquin for letting me do this and to my mom for putting up with helping me.

My article, “Openness” is up on The EDGE Davao’s website and the issue will be available in print tomorrow. My piece which is about my homeschooling (and in-school) experience, is on page 11.

I am very happy to talk about my education. I think it is singular, effective, and I think people can learn something new when it is discussed. The most frequent questions I get about my education concerns grades and college admission. Tito Jon, has very helpfully put together this article for the different ways a homeschooler can obtain records of his educational level and enter the school system. His article is on page 9 of the same issue.

My parents decided to take the path of what some call unschooling, though I hadn’t been aware of that term until recently, thanks to this talk by film director Astra Taylor who was also unschooled.


One thought on “A Milestone

  1. I just read it and it’s a wonderful piece to read. It gave me a different perspective on a different kind of education. Congratulations on your milestone! ❤

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