We’re Not Broken, Just Bent

scolio 1

Happy international scoliosis awareness day to everyone stateside! Was supposed to post this yesterday when it was Saturday here, but I’ve become a bit scatterbrained lately. I’ve also become crazy about watercolour so I made this scoliosis artwork that you can share to raise awareness for scoliosis, just please remember to give credit to me 🙂

Although Scoliosis Awareness day falls on the last Saturday of June, this year here in Davao City, we celebrated it the week before.

Amanda Bonife-Kiamko, the lady behind Scoliosis Awareness Philippines was so kind as to organise the event and partner with the City Government of Davao and several hospitals and physical therapy clinics. This is a big step for us here in Davao and I hope more people will be willing to support and promote Scoliosis Awareness and Scoliosis treatment all over the world.


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