Loosening Up + Recommended Reading

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Being home after the first semester of college is like taking a big sigh of relief. I’ve learned a lot, but something I’d like to share here is the realisation of what I’ve been trying to do with this blog the whole time. I wanted to make a literary journal of my own works. That became difficult for me because I didn’t know how to write literary analyses in the first place. This is one of the most valuable things I’ve learned in my literature classes: an analysis is different from a review!

An analysis explores the themes of a work and supports it by showing examples in the text. A review is an opinion, often including a summary of a book. When writing an analysis, a summary is usually not needed, as the reader is someone you assume has already read the work and is reading your analysis in order to gain deeper insight.

I see now that writing a blog of analyses is a bit difficult, but at least I now know where I am going here, which makes me happy. What I’ve learned has also made me decide to loosen up with what I post here, and share articles that I’ve enjoyed reading.

The first of these articles I want to share is called “My Own Trap”. It feels a bit worn sharing this with you now, as I’ve admired it for so long, but because of all the talk on capitalism and and consumerism in college (particularly my Filipino class) I thought this would be the best to start with.

“My Own Trap” is an autobiographical essay focusing on writing and the authors unconventional education which I can sort of relate to.

…I lost focus on the kind of writing that moved me. It seemed that either I had the time to write what I wanted or I had the money to pay rent, but never both at the same time. And any time I actually saw friends, I fretted about money or editors. I had no room for anyone else in my life. In short, I became obsessed with myself: the worst thing a writer can do.


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