Si Althea, Ang Batang Pilota (Althea, The Girl Pilot)


Althea: Magaling po ba kayo gumawa ng eroplano?
Me: Hindi.
A: Bakit? Dahil babae ka?
M: Hah! Hindi ah! Hindi lang talaga ako mahilig…
A: Ahh, ako magaling ako gumawa ng eroplano. Hindi bale na babae ako.
M: Gusto mo bang maging pilota pag laki mo?
A: Oo.

This girl. Unafraid to dream and challenging gender stereotypes while at it. Hope we meet again, Althea, don’t let anyone say you can’t reach for the skies.


Althea: Are you good at making paper planes?
Me: No.
A: Why? Is it because you’re a girl?
M: Oh! No! I’m just not into paper planes.
A: Ahh, I’m good at making paper planes. It doesn’t matter that I’m a girl.
M: Do you want to be a pilot when you grow up?
A: Yes.

Galvaville, Laguna, 21 November 2015


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