Open To Imperfection


When drawing, I look forward to opportunities for lines. Hair, the veins of plants, the texture of fabric. The more I draw lines, the more I see why I am so attracted to them: they never fail to surprise me. When I draw lines, I know where each individual one is going, but together, they create a pattern I can never exactly predict. These patterns also give plenty of opportunity for mending errors. Sometimes, the errors add to the beauty of the artwork.

Last week, I came across an artist who works around imperfection, Rami Kim.

I love how a blotch here or smear of paint there adds to the singularity of her designs. Her work captivates me because I struggle to find a style that is as versatile and simple, yet as creative as her’s. Simplicity: straight lines. I really enjoy drawing them. I’m happy while I draw them. Maybe style is simply derived from what method you’re most comfortable with. Art Spiegelman, who wrote Maus has a very complicated drawing process where he makes several drafts and traces and uses a desk with light under it. I like to think that he found his style working in the safest way he felt.

1993, when the tattoo thing was just beginning to happen. Now it's really rare to find somebody that doesn't have a tattoo but then it was something relatively new. So, this mother's day cover in order to do it I had to know what a tattoo needle looked like, ya know, and so I was in a show in a gallery of outsiders, strange art, and I met this one guy that had an illegal tattoo parlor on 8th street and he invited me to come and draw whatever I wanted and at some point he was giving me this thing I learned about how you have to have a rubber band around it, he gives me the tattoo needle and I'm just drawing it, but this was before we had iphones also… so I'm making a sketch of it and he goes, here take it, and I'm holding it and then he rolls up his pants and said I still have a spot that isn't tattooed here, cause he was tattoeed everywhere from his wrists up and from his neck down just so he could look like he wasn't tattooed but as soon as we unpeeled a little bit… it was all kinds of crazy tattoos and he had one little area and he said why don't you just try it and test it on me. And I said even when I work on paper I have to make a hundred sketches I'm not going to do it on you, he says it's okay it's just a souvenir…but I couldn't do it 🙂

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What is style? Does it depend on ability or taste?


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